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Application development fo smart phone - Smart phone site development

We support the business development of next generation mobile platform, and provide the application ideas and planning with consideration of the smart phones features

We provide smart phone application such as current location display incorporated with GPS function and navigation function to display route to destination.


Based on the Twitter integrated posting function, photos and comments can be easily uploaded on the spot.
Enhancing the user usability, the information sent by the user can be accessed and browsed by the follower immediately. As this also lead to viral effect, it becomes a useful function as marketing effect too.


Acceleration sensor function: Application which visually shows the user movement incorporated with acceleration sensor to detect transition of movement by sensing the inclination of the main body. Through the plan and ideas, we will be able to give reasonable impact to the user by utilizing the movement sensors of the smart phones.


Providing the spotlighted smart phone AR application using the AR function (combination of GPS, digital compass, inclination sensor etc. to display additional information AR (Augmented Reality) which is not available in real world).


Not only photo data but sound and movies data can be integrated together to create rich contents which is unable to be created by the conventional mobile phone, to appeal the information rich in terms of both quality and quantity to the user.


As a function used by the smart phone user, [WEB site access] is said to be used more than 80%, but the issues such as WEB site which produced in Flash is not accessible in iPhone and iPad, the usability of site using Google map is very poor and etc has become apparent.
We will propose the smart phone optimization service of existing site by investigating the WEB site issues that have been produced for the current PC and mobile site from the perspective of usability and accessibility of smart phone users.

iPad is a remarkable device in the world, 2million of iPad has been sold in one month since its release in Japan.
We will support to develop your business worldwide on this platform.

■iPad application development
Utilizing the big display of iPad, we will be able to develop an application that will remain in the users impression.

■iPad site development
We will support on the creation of optimized website for iPad features of its big display and multi touch screen.

Looking for someone with track record and knowledge on developing Android and iPhone application.
Planning to develop smart phone application with accounting function.
Since application process of each market is troublesome (or do not know the method to do), looking for someone to do everything including the application process.
Would like to do the optimization of existing site for Android and iPhone
Would like to enter the Android and iPhone market but lack of knowhow to success.
Would like to grow together with a company actively planning based on the user’s trend and movement.
Would like to entrust the job to a company with knowhow in developing smart phone application with minimum investment cost.
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