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Love affair simulation-Social applicationt

By making a development based on a love affair game with a profitable record, the introduction can be made by utilizing a management system with necessary management knowhow, stability, short lead time and with low cost. We support to develop a new profitable model for a love affair game.

  Story management with some modification in making a faster tempo of the story to make users stay unbored

  A mechanism where PV amount will increase based on the game specification that allows repeatition of speech. This will highly contribute to the profit of advertisement.


  Implementation of high social characteristic by introduce a follow up system that rejuvenate communication among users.


  Implementation of high account income by configuration of accounting items such as meter recovery, another story etc


  A high degree of management screen from the administors point of view wich has been developed based on experience of administrating many love affairs simulation application

・Game development that take user point of view into consideration is possible by imaging the scenario and making an input at the preview screen
・Equipped with conversion engine to make the automatic Flash conversion by only setting the words and photo path
・By using a file split up system that divided file into 100KB automatically, the operational man power can be reduced drastically


Using our knowhow gained through the planning, development and operation process of more than 50 sites, we develop the social application of love affair game simulation package.
We are not only providing package solution but we provide support based on various data and trend of users characteristic on each platform and the example of other competitor’s application. We believe that it is vital to build a strong relation as a business partner.

In order to operate the love affair simulation application, our services are not only covering the control system but also the character design, background photo and others material creation to suit the world view.
We provide total support to operate love simulation application based on success record.

Planning to transplant current love simulation site to a social application.
Planning to start a profitable social game.
Would like to utilize a system that enable to develop a social game with unique plan and story in easy way.
Planning to start a low cost and fast delivery social game.
Would like to use an effective management system that easy to operate and created from the controller point of view.
Would like to grow together with a company with a track record and knowhow in planning of monetising social game.
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